A simple natural solution made of pure organic cotton, gentle and soft with high absorption rate!

For the mystery that is you.

Sincerely, Thank you!

Hembra is a representation of respecting the natural process that is womanhood, the course of life and mother earth, for it merits only the best of what nature has to give. We are a natural feminine care brand specializing in organic products that complement the journey of being a woman. Beginning with a full set of natural cotton Pads made in the Tuscany province of Italy, fully biodegradable and without any chemical additives, delivered to your doorstep on a monthly basis in a subtle manner.
Look for the butterfly on your doorstep!

How it works

  • A Full Set of Natural Organic & Biodegradable Pads

  • 4 Different Subscription Options For Your Needs

  • Delivered Monthly To Your Doorstep in a Subtle Package

Hembra Products

Our feminine care products are made of 100% pure Italian organic cotton certified by both Instituto per la Certificazione Etica ed Ambientale (ICEA) and Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS). They are Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable, as well as do not contain chlorine bleach or perfume.

We have pursued the highest of global standards only to deliver a fraction of what you deserve. It sincerely pleasures us to make you smile and shine on like the brightest of guiding stars!

For When the Sun Rises

14 Medium Sized Pads with wings, put together for you to ensure your To Do list is always fulfilled.

For When the Sun Sets

10 Large Sized Pads with wings, made for you to focus on your dreams without worrying about the next day.

For When the Sun Sets

10 Large Sized Pads with wings, made for you to focus on your dreams without worrying about the next day

For your Peace & Tranquility

20 Folded Panty Liners, combined together with care to provide you with the peace of mind and confidence to achieve your daily goals.

Certified Pure Organic Cotton

Contains a Layer of Corn Starch

Natural and Biological Fibers



No Chlorine Bleach or Perfume

No Genetic Modification

Paraben Free

100% Vegan

ISO Standards

Organic Certified by ICEA

GOTS Standards

Subscription Packages

Our range of subscription packages are compiled of a monthly delivery that comprises your monthly needs of natural pads in synchronization with your period cycle.

Each package is composed of our 3 Products.

Choose one of the 4 subscription options to start the Hembra journey:

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